5 Key Elements to for your Business Stationery



Business stationery plays a pivotal role in the successful running of an enterprise. It conveys your company message and is an integral part of your brand strategy. It also adds to your professionalism and gives your brand an enhanced sense of purpose.

Since your Business stationery serves as an initial introduction to your body of work, it should be consistent across all the digital and non-digital avenues that you use.

This would give you better exposure and entrench your brand presence into the minds of prospective customers. An effective stationery design would give you greater authority and a poor version would serve to dilute your brand awareness in the competitive market.

Follow the Rules of Simplicity

Keep it simple and avoid all unnecessary clutter which might make your stationery hard to read and make it obscure in the client’s eyes.

Clutter is defined as too much of anything lying about in an untidy state.

A cohesive and well-designed Business Stationery package serves as an asset to your brand and business visibility.

1 : Header and Footers

The existence of a professional looking header plus footer on your company letter head or similar business stationery gives you more authority in making your brand stand out better in the collective memory of people around you.

The header is the section on the top of the page whereas the footer appears on the bottom margin of your company letterhead and can be effectively used for all kinds of descriptive information.

It is thus an effective communication tool and should be in harmony with all other elements of your business stationery.



2 : Contact Information.

Your contact information would go on to include your business cards, letter heads as well as your envelopes. Your company name, address and phone number should be the bare essentials that should be listed first on all of these.

Fax numbers, email addresses and website links can go next. In this age of digital media, the major social platforms are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If your business utilizes these social channels, make a mention of them on your business stationery but do not go overboard.

Leave ample free space on all your stationery in order to conduct other business matters. Too much information will only serve to cause clutter and confusion and serve away from the very purpose of making your business stationery stand out.



3 : The importance of a Company Logo

Your logo graphically displays your company identity so It may be simple but should be bold enough to stand out from the rest of your competition. Use an interesting mix and match of colors and fonts to make it visually unique.

A big blunder committed by some new startups is to have multiple logos for various purposes. This simply creates a lot of undesirable confusion in the minds of others and may serve to dilute the business potential that can otherwise be provided by a strong logo.

Never forget that a well-designed logo can anchor any brand since it is the single most visible part of your company within your target market.



4 : The Color Scheme

Understanding the psychology of colors goes a long way in helping you achieve the desirable results. A lot of sites and businesses look good because of the effective color play.

Every color has a story behind it but if you choose an effective color palette, it can tremendously enhance your brand identity. Bold, soft or vibrant, your colors should be aligned well across all your brand campaigns, marketing and stationery material.

Once you choose a base hue, go for two or three complimentary or harmonious shades. At the same time be sure to maintain the same style and color flow so that your stationery elements are in harmony with each other.



5 : Choosing Appropriate Paper or card stock

The material of the paper used contributes a great deal to your business stationery design and should not be overlooked. Good quality paper makes a better impression than cheap quality cardboard.

There are a variety of textures to choose from nowadays. Since the paper you opt for will be the basis of your business cards, envelopes and letter heads, it is critical to your branding since it is the first impression that your customer happens to get about your enterprise.

Choose the paper thickness intelligently since it will project you in an appropriate and attractive light.