* Art


*Self-initiated design projects done over the years.
Some personal Thoughts/ideas translated into visuals

پورن : Poster – Urdu/Arabic Typography

Zom B : Self Portrait– Halloween themed (2011)

Queen of POP : Poster – A Mashup between the King & the Queen

Getaway: Poster – Inspired by ‘Banksy’

Burqa Monroe: Art Print

The Sinolythene Dream: PopArt – The sino dream is all about baijui, PVC fumes & stacks of Mao’s ¥uan

Jalaibi – A traditional south asian Confectionery sweet. It has two significant traits; one, its screaming Orange color & two its signature spiral shape.

National (Dis)Assembly



Guantanamo Bay:  Typography poster –  ‘Bay’ = second letter in urdu language.


Chay : Urdu Typography – Based on the socio-political events & situations of Pakistan

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