Size: A5    |  Pages: 20   |  Print: 140gms Art Paper, Acetate

A 20 page Typography journal/booklet directed towards fellow designers & typography enthusiasts. The book needed to have  a “concept” which visually propagates the ‘storytelling’.

I chose one of the most famous fonts “Futura”as my subject and the “visual concept” was that of a Mac-“Book” that had all the information about typography. The reason being, Mac’s have always been considered ta cut-above when it comes to design, multimedia and digital type-settings, and perhaps rightly so as they have always been on the fore-front of innovation & Since most (if not all) designers prefer Mac over windows, the book is directed mainly towards them; may it be designers, students or design enthusiasts.

The Title Page(LCD screen) was printed on plastic ‘acetate’ and later pasted on to the page, to give a high reflective surface for realism factor.





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